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Encounter – Zaccheus

Seeking God

We will get an opportunity when Jesus calls us by name, and it will be up to us how we respond to that. Find out how one person who encountered Jesus responded.

Josephine Lijofi

Latest Sermon

Encounter - Bartimaeus

Crying out to God

In the Bible, we can see three ways in which we encounter Jesus. Find out what these are and how you can approach Jesus today.

Ola Obisesan

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When we feel isolated, in pain, that there is no hope, then we can fix our eyes on Jesus who went through these things in…
For The Joy

For the Joy – Risen and Resurrected

The story of Easter is one of new life and new beginnings. This was the plan that God had in place from the beginning. But…
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One Another – Hospitality

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Earthenware cups and food set out for Communion

Gather – We Gather Around Jesus

Communion is often associated with church services. But the early church shared "communion" whenever they met together in their homes. Find out what this means…

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