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The Benevolence Fund

Our Benevolence Fund exists to bless and help people in need within the MKCC family

They sold property and possessions to give to anyone who had need. - Acts 2:45

The MKCC Benevolence Fund

What is the Benevolence Fund?

The MKCC Benevolence Fund has been set up to bless and help people in need within the MKCC family. The fund is made possible through our yearly ALL IN offering, it's our way of giving what we have to others who have need. Hardship, crises and need appear in all sizes, shapes and forms at often unexpected times and as a church we want to be able to help when such situations arise.

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The MKCC Benevolence Fund

What is the fund for?

There are all kinds of things that the fund has helped with. We don't pay off debt but here's a few things that we have done:

  • We’ve given supermarket vouchers to help families with food
  • We’ve helped people in unexpected financial situations, such as funeral expenses or unavoidable employment situations
  • We’ve contributed towards gas and electricity during the energy crisis
  • Essential household items that an individual/family cannot afford, such as white goods.

Read this article to find out how we helped this family

The MKCC Benevolence Fund

What do I do if I need help?

The fund is for MKCC church family. If you're in a team or a life group then we recommend speaking to a leader your are connected with. They will help you apply to the fund.

Alternatively, you can click the button and send a message to one of our Pastors to request help. We know that it's not always easy to ask, but please be assured that information will be treated confidentially

Message the Benevolence Team

What happens next?

When we receive an application, a small team of Pastors assess each application on to understand and decide how we can best help. Someone will then contact you regarding your application.

Good news stories

Take a glimpse into what the generosity of MKCC members has already accomplished this year. We are so grateful for your generosity! Let's continue building together.

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