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In the first few months of 2020, we launched a series called ‘Be Rich’ at Milton Keynes Christian Centre. Thanks to your giving through “Be Rich”, we’ve been able to support an incredible range of projects and initiatives to address the needs of people within Milton Keynes. Here’s one story about the positive impact your generosity is making through the Fund.

In 2020, we launched ‘Be Rich’ a campaign to help local community groups and charities address the needs of people within Milton Keynes.

To celebrate the positive impact your generosity is making through the Be Rich campaign, here’s some recent feedback from Age UK in Milton Keynes, one of our funding recipients who received £1,000 to financially assist those deemed in greatest need.

The funding from Milton Keynes Christian Centre has helped towards the deep cleaning of several properties for elderly people about to leave the hospital. This has facilitated their early discharge from hospital and helped to prevent readmission, by ensuring their properties are safe and hygienic for them to come home to. These patients are then able to maintain the property with the support of the Age UK Hospital aftercare and Independent Living Services.

For those who have been helped by this funding, their lives have been made easier, giving them confidence and helping them feel more independent.

The funding has also been used to help people pay for a key safe in their homes. For many who are vulnerable, having a key safe helps them to feel secure in their homes, knowing that carers are able to access their property without having to answer the door and risk falling if their mobility is poor. In addition, emergency services can access with ease and not have to break the door for entry.

Thank you to everyone that made Be Rich such a huge success. You all confirmed again just what a giving church we have. You truly made a huge impact in our community and lives will forever be changed because of your generosity!

Your Generosity In Action

From charities with a focus on mental health and wellbeing, to building safe and strong communities, protecting those who are vulnerable, enhancing education, and training for struggling communities, your generosity is making a real difference

To read more about the projects and charities we have been able to fund so far, visit

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Find out more about the positive impact your generosity is making.

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