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In the hustle of our daily routines, the concept of spiritual formation stands as a beckoning path towards a more intentional and Christlike existence. Let’s delve into the essence of spiritual formation and uncover a simple yet impactful step that can guide us in becoming more like Jesus in our attitudes.

Understanding Spiritual Formation:

At its core, spiritual formation is the intentional and ongoing process of shaping our inner selves to reflect the character of Christ. It goes beyond religious rituals or occasional moments of reflection; it’s a continuous journey of aligning our thoughts, behaviours, and values with the teachings of Jesus.

In a world that often bombards us with distractions, spiritual formation invites us to cultivate a depth of character that withstands the pressures of our fast-paced lives. It’s about nurturing a resilient and Christ-centered core that serves as a foundation for our actions and interactions.

The Christlike Journey:

On the journey towards spiritual formation, one transformative step involves adopting a posture of gratitude. Jesus’s life was marked by a spirit of gratitude and thankfulness, even in the face of challenges. By incorporating gratitude into our daily lives, we tap into a powerful source of spiritual growth.

Practising gratitude is not just about saying “thank you” for the good things in our lives; it’s about fostering a mindset of appreciation for both the joys and challenges. It’s an acknowledgement that every moment, whether pleasant or difficult, contributes to our growth and the unfolding of God’s purpose in our lives.

A Simple Practice:

A practical step towards infusing gratitude into our spiritual formation journey is to maintain a gratitude journal. Each day, take a few moments to reflect on what you are thankful for, big and small. It could be the warmth of sunlight, a kind gesture from a friend, or even the lessons learned from a tough situation.

This intentional practice shifts our focus from what may be lacking in our lives to the abundance of blessings surrounding us. As we consistently record moments of gratitude, we begin to train our hearts and minds to find joy and purpose in every circumstance, echoing the attitude of Jesus who, even in the face of adversity, maintained a heart of thankfulness.

In Conclusion:

Spiritual formation is a journey that invites us to go beyond the surface of religious practices and engage in a profound transformation of our inner selves. By adopting a posture of gratitude, we align ourselves with the teachings of Jesus, who demonstrated the power of thankfulness in every aspect of His life.

Maintaining a gratitude journal becomes a simple yet impactful practice on this journey. It helps us cultivate a heart of appreciation for the present moment, fostering resilience, joy, and a deeper connection with the divine. As we integrate gratitude into our daily lives, we take a significant step towards spiritual formation. This journey moulds us into individuals who mirror the love, compassion, and gratitude embodied by Jesus.

Source: “The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry” by John Mark Comer

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