Heavenly Standards

How are you progressing in your spiritual life?  Do you see any evidence of forward progress?  Or is it more progressing backwards to the life you once lived?   This inspiring message will help you to get back on track and start again to make progress to a Life Less Ordinary!

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Heavenly Standards Steve Adkins 04/06/2017 00:31:04 Audio Video
Execution Time Mark Sherratt 11/06/2017 00:41:43 Audio Video
Well Dressed Billy Ritchie 18/06/2017 00:41:33 Audio Video
Domestic Bliss Steve Adkins 25/06/2017 00:38:00 Audio Video

In A Life Less Ordinary we will be focusing in on some of the areas of our life that we can and should be seeing progress in as we fulfil God's ultimate purpose for us - that we become more like Christ.


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