God's Mission - The Church

When Jesus talks about building His Church it is not about the bricks and mortars but about you becoming part of God's family.  And for the Church to grow we need to go out and serve and show others how God loves them so that they can find out how to be part of God's family too!

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
God's Mission - The Church George Ridley 03/09/2017 00:47:45 Audio Video
Spiritual Strength Billy Ritchie 10/09/2017 00:38:23 Audio Video
The Church Where We Pursue Unity Mark Sherratt 17/09/2017 00:35:18 Audio Video
Where We Pursue Growth Together James Fokkens 24/09/2017 00:33:15 Audio Video
The Church where we learn to worship together Steve Adkins 01/10/2017 00:37:46 Audio Video
The Church where we enter the fight together Billy Ritchie 08/10/2017 00:38:43 Audio Video
The Church where we sacrifice together Mark Sherratt 15/10/2017 00:38:21 Audio Video

Would you say you love the Church? During our 'I Love My Church' series, we will discover the importance of the Church in GodÂ’s eternal plan, learn to treasure being a part of it and be committed to its mission in the world.


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