Faith Alone

Do you understand the word "Justified"?  It has many meanings.  But it has one specific meaning in the context of Jesus and his Crucifixion.  And it is a life-changing meaning!  Find out more in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Scripture Alone Billy Ritchie 22/10/2017 00:39:55 Audio Video
Grace Alone Mark Sherratt 29/10/2017 00:43:28 Audio Video
Faith Alone Billy Ritchie 05/11/2017 00:46:06 Audio Video
Christ Alone George Ridley 12/11/2017 00:40:47 Audio Video
God's Glory Alone Andrew Shearman 19/11/2017 00:38:18 Audio Video

To mark the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation we are examining 5 biblical truths about our salvation that the Reformation brought into crystal clear focus for us.


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