God's Glory Alone

Why should we give God the glory?  And why God Alone and not God plus other things?  And what does this mean for our future here on earth and after we die? Find out in this message

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Scripture Alone Billy Ritchie 22/10/2017 00:39:55 Audio Video
Grace Alone Mark Sherratt 29/10/2017 00:43:28 Audio Video
Faith Alone Billy Ritchie 05/11/2017 00:46:06 Audio Video
Christ Alone George Ridley 12/11/2017 00:40:47 Audio Video
God's Glory Alone Andrew Shearman 19/11/2017 00:38:18 Audio Video

To mark the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation we are examining 5 biblical truths about our salvation that the Reformation brought into crystal clear focus for us.


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