Self Image

In this message, Mark Sherratt talks about how we tend to worry about how WE see and judge ourselves, rather than how God sees us. For He sees our true value...

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Selfishness/Selflessness Steve Adkins 14/01/2018 00:38:32 Audio Video
Self Image Mark Sherratt 21/01/2018 00:40:46 Audio Video
Self-Promotion Billy Ritchie 28/01/2018 00:40:50 Audio Video
Self-Awareness Steve Adkins 04/02/2018 00:37:41 Audio Video

In this series we are looking at the obsession with self and the dissatisfaction and frustration it can bring. We will discover how finding our identity in Christ can save us from the greatest obstacle standing in our way - us.


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