Journey of Love

We are all on a journey to become more like Christ.  This involves learning how to love.  Find out how the Apostle John changed from a "Son of Thunder" to "The Apostle of Love" and how we too can change.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
The Jesus Creed Billy Ritchie 11/02/2018 00:44:53 Audio Video
Journey of Love Mark Sherratt 18/02/2018 00:40:51 Audio Video
The Community of the Jesus Creed James Fokkens 25/02/2018 00:40:50 Audio Video
Living the Jesus Creed Billy Ritchie 04/03/2018 00:42:28 Audio Video

In this series we look at the "Jesus Creed" and how it helps us daily to be come fully devoted followers of Christ


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