Understanding the Meaning of a Text

How do we make sense of what we read in the Bible?  Can we read a verse on it's own, or do we need to look at the context to understand it?  Find out more about reading and understanding the Bible in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Where Else Would We Run? Mark Sherratt 08/04/2018 00:32:16 Audio Video
Why Can I Trust The Bible? Billy Ritchie 15/04/2018 00:37:56 Audio Video
How the Bible Changes Us James Fokkens 22/04/2018 00:39:31 Audio Video
Seeing What God Sees Fola Komolafe 29/04/2018 00:40:04 Audio Video
How to Study the Bible Steve Adkins 06/05/2018 00:44:57 Audio Video
Understanding the Meaning of a Text Billy Ritchie 13/05/2018 00:40:04 Audio Video
God's Word In Me George Ridley 20/05/2018 00:39:29 Audio Video

God Wrote a Book will inspire you to read Gods word, love God’s word, and do God’s word. During this church-wide campaign, we will explore the authenticity, reliability, power, comfort, interpretation, and challenge of ‘doing’ not just hearing God’s Word.


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