God's Word In Me

How do we take what we read in the Bible and make it a part of our daily life?  Find out in this message.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Where Else Would We Run? Mark Sherratt 08/04/2018 00:32:16 Audio Video
Why Can I Trust The Bible? Billy Ritchie 15/04/2018 00:37:56 Audio Video
How the Bible Changes Us James Fokkens 22/04/2018 00:39:31 Audio Video
Seeing What God Sees Fola Komolafe 29/04/2018 00:40:04 Audio Video
How to Study the Bible Steve Adkins 06/05/2018 00:44:57 Audio Video
Understanding the Meaning of a Text Billy Ritchie 13/05/2018 00:40:04 Audio Video
God's Word In Me George Ridley 20/05/2018 00:39:29 Audio Video

God Wrote a Book will inspire you to read Gods word, love God’s word, and do God’s word. During this church-wide campaign, we will explore the authenticity, reliability, power, comfort, interpretation, and challenge of ‘doing’ not just hearing God’s Word.


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