Life Changes but God doesnʼt

As we go through life we learn more about how God's plans often differ from ours.  Roger's stories highlight how God has been at work in his and his family's life over many years and can inspire you to know that "When God guides, He provides".

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
FUSE Youth Stories FUSE Youth 29/07/2018 00:39:43 Audio Video
Dealing with Tragedy Various 05/08/2018 00:49:32 Audio Video
Life Changing Events 12/08/2018 00:55:13 Audio Video
Discovery Kids Laura Conway 19/08/2018 00:22:09 Audio Video
Life Changes but God doesnʼt Roger Blackmore 26/08/2018 00:42:59 Audio Video
RE:Member James Fokkens 02/09/2018 00:42:12 Audio Video

In these real life stories, we will see the way God takes lives filled with small successes and great failures and, as a master craftsman, turns them into a grand masterpiece.


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