Equipped to be On The Move

We are all equipped to bring the word of Jesus to people around the world. Listen to Pastor Billy Ritchie's message encouraging us to spread the word On The Move.

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Equipped to be On The Move Billy Ritchie 09/09/2018 00:38:12 Audio Video
Examples of people On The Move George Ridley 16/09/2018 00:50:01 Audio Video
Sharing the Gospel Folake Komolafe 23/09/2018 00:39:02 Audio Video
Living in the Power of God's Word Mark Sherratt 30/09/2018 00:38:28 Audio Video
God's Spirit at work in me Billy Ritchie 07/10/2018 00:36:17 Audio Video
Making Disciples James Fokkens 14/10/2018 00:38:44 Audio Video
Reflecting Jesus Mark Sherratt 21/10/2018 00:26:33 Audio Video

As a church, we are called to be ‘on the move’ together, working towards the vision God has entrusted to us - to bring people to Jesus and equip them to be fully devoted followers of Christ.


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