God's Spirit at work in me

We are encouraged to "Walk by the Spirit".  What does this mean?  And how do we do it on a daily basis?  Find out in this message

Episode Speaker Date Time Links
Equipped to be On The Move Billy Ritchie 09/09/2018 00:38:12 Audio Video
Examples of people On The Move George Ridley 16/09/2018 00:50:01 Audio Video
Sharing the Gospel Folake Komolafe 23/09/2018 00:39:02 Audio Video
Living in the Power of God's Word Mark Sherratt 30/09/2018 00:38:28 Audio Video
God's Spirit at work in me Billy Ritchie 07/10/2018 00:36:17 Audio Video
Making Disciples James Fokkens 14/10/2018 00:38:44 Audio Video
Reflecting Jesus Mark Sherratt 21/10/2018 00:26:33 Audio Video

As a church, we are called to be ‘on the move’ together, working towards the vision God has entrusted to us - to bring people to Jesus and equip them to be fully devoted followers of Christ.


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