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At the heart of every community project supported by Milton Keynes Christian Centre (MKCC) are the volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to making a difference. The Hannan School in Morocco serves as a prime example of how volunteer efforts can significantly enhance and support overseas projects, fostering not just community growth but also cultural exchange.

Volunteer Contributions in Morocco

Volunteers like Mike, Nyelah, and Anthony have travelled to Morocco and contributed to various activities, illustrating the profound impact of volunteering. During their time in Morocco, the volunteers engaged in a range of activities designed to support the educational and developmental goals of the Hannan School. From hands-on classroom activities to infrastructure improvements, their contributions are vital. For instance, Mike and Anthony, affectionately known as ‘Bodgit and Hope,’ undertook various DIY projects around the school, ensuring that the physical environment supported the school’s educational aims. Meanwhile, Nyelah’s interactions in the classroom brought joy and creative learning experiences to the children, helping to brighten their days and enhance their educational journey.

Building More Than Just Buildings

The role of volunteers extends beyond physical contributions. They bring with them a spirit of generosity and a willingness to engage deeply with the local community. This engagement is crucial, as it helps to bridge cultural divides and fosters mutual understanding and respect. The presence of volunteers from different backgrounds also enriches the local community, providing both the volunteers and the residents with unique insights into each other’s cultures and ways of life.

Encouraging More Participation

There are plans for more mission trips to Morocco. These trips are an excellent opportunity for more members of our church to get involved. The experience is not only rewarding but also affordable, with volunteers needing to cover their flight costs and a modest £20 per day for accommodation, food, and transport.

A Call to Action

Volunteering at the Hannan School is a chance to serve in a meaningful way while experiencing the beauty of Morocco — from its warm, welcoming people to its rich, vibrant culture. The food is wonderful, and the trip is designed to be budget-friendly, ensuring that anyone who is interested can participate without financial burden.

We encourage anyone interested to contact the Hannan Charity at for more information. Whether you are a teacher with skills to share, or simply someone with a heart for service and adventure, your contributions can make a substantial difference.

Volunteers are the backbone of community projects like those supported by MKCC in Morocco. Their dedication not only strengthens the communities they serve but also enriches their own lives, creating lasting memories and relationships. By participating in these mission trips, volunteers help to sustain and grow the impactful work being done, continuing MKCC’s mission of bringing people together and making a positive impact across the globe.

Join us as we continue to support and expand the reach of the Hannan School, helping to provide essential education and support to the children of Morocco. Your involvement could change lives — perhaps starting with your own.

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