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ForMiltonKeynes are supporting the YMCA in MK

Through ForMiltonKeynes we have been able to support the YMCA in MK by providing 50 Welcome Packs and a donation of £1000 toward their Employment and Welfare Fund

The YMCA in Central Milton Keynes provides a safe place to live for up to 242 people, aged 18-35, across their campus and move-on accommodation. Their pathway of support adopts a person-centred approach across three stages of accommodation – Supported, Shared and Independent.

When they first come through the doors at the YMCA, the team help them to feel welcome by providing a Welcome Pack of essentials to see them through their first few days as they get used to the building, meet fellow residents and staff, and learn about the support options available to them.

These packs contain essential toiletries, tea and coffee, a towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste, and sanitary products. As well as being a welcome gift on arrival, these packs help to protect the health and wellbeing of the new residents as they pause, take a breath, and begin their journey to safe and secure independent living

Arlene Peters, the Community & Network Coordinator of ForMiltonKeynes, a project of Milton Keynes Christian Centre, arranged for 50 Welcome Packs to be put together and delivered to the YMCA.

In addition, ForMiltonKeynes was able to give £1,000 towards the YMCA Employment and Welfare Fund.

Arlene Peters said:

The packs will have a significant impact physically and emotionally on new residents who generally arrive with no personal (hygiene) products. The fact that they would have something prepared just for them from someone unknown to them helps to restore a sense of personal dignity and hope.

It’s always so humbling to be reminded that a ‘basic necessity’ for one person, is a ‘gift & luxury’ for another

You can support the YMCA by visiting their website here

There are a range of options available from a Welcome Drink and snack for new arrivals costing £5 to a Bedroom Bundle to equip a bedroom ready for a resident for £50

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