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ForMiltonKeynes are supporting Young Carers MK

Through ForMiltonKeynes we have been able to support Young Carers MK through a donation of £500 towards the cost of summer activities for young carers

This year, ForMiltonKeynes donated £500 to Young Carers MK towards the costs of two outdoor activities for child and young adult carers to enjoy and make friends outside of their usual caring roles.

In total, 52 children and young adult carers took part in either rock climbing or water sports activities.  Here are the reports of the two activities.

Rock climbing and abseiling at Caldecotte Xperience

We arranged to take 22 young carers to participate in climbing and abseiling at Caldecotte. We invited carer’s ages 8-11 years old to take part in climbing and carers aged 12-15 to abseiling.

The older group found it a fun way to both challenge themselves and believe in their own abilities. They particularly enjoyed the thrill of the climb up the tower and the rush of adrenalin whilst they stepped over the edge at the top to make their descent of 12 metres. They were left with a great sense of achievement having overcome fears and pushed themselves mentally and physically.

The younger groups tried their hand at climbing the 12-metre tower. This was a test of their physical and mental strength. They showed amazing skills with balance and coordination. We had a young carer attend an activity for the first time with us; he was a little dubious to start with. However, he really became involved and mentioned to his mum that he really enjoyed the break and even made a friend! The fact that he was participating in an activity really helped him relax and not overthink the socialising element.

Willen Water Sports The Parks Trust

We organised to take 20 Young Carers and 10 Young Adult Carers to Willen Lake to try some exciting water sports. This is an opportunity that many of our carers would not usually have access to.

This activity allowed our carers a break from their caring role, the chance to spend time with their peers in a similar situation and also to allow them to try something new. The activity encouraged Young Carers and Young Adult Carers to work together and helped formulate friendships that were not based on the commonality of being a carer. The session just gave them time to be children/ young adults and do something fun over the summer.